How can I turn the memories off ? Since the release of Seasons/Patch 1.42 you are now able to turn off memories completely. This won’t delete existing ones but you should not be getting any new ones. For me, it doesn’t work that great. I have to turn them off every time I start the game which of course is a bug. Not everyone seems affected. Details see here:  Turn off memory notifications How can I delete existing memories ? Twallan’s MasterController has an option to delete all existing memories from all your Sims or from a subset of Sims. You…

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    Turn off memory notifications

    Introduction The notifications for all the memories your Sims make can become a nuisance very quickly. Luckily you can turn them off. Go to Options and choose the tab with the two cogwheels. Choose the option you want for your memories. You can turn them off completely, just turn off the messages or leave them on. Unfortunately the memories bloat your save games which can lead to Error 12 You need to be patched to 1.42 or higher to be able to turn them off completely Mods Memories Disabled: No more memories. This mod reduces the number of allowed memories…

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    Memories and the Sims 3 Store

    As it has been mentioned before, you can share the memories that you well get with Patch 1.21 and the Generations EP in Facebook and your Sims 3 profile. Once you’ve uploaded a certain amount of memories, you will get a Badge AND an object from the Sims 3 Store for free. Check your purchase history, you won’t get a message about them You can delete as many uploaded memories as you like. They still count towards the total 1 Memory 5 Memories 10 Memories 25 Memories 50 Memories 100 Memories 200 Memories Pictures of the badges can be found here: Badges