• Bugs

    Horses skip instead of galloping

    Problem My horse just skips and jumps around instead of properly running. Cause the problem is that the animation for the fastest gallop is broken since Patch 1.29 As soon as the horse reaches running skill level 10, they start skipping. EA tried to fix it but it’s still not satisfactory. Solution Make sure your horse does not reach running level 10. Mods that help with the issue Use MasterController to set the running skill back to 9 Dweiathecat’s mod modifies the animation so that it won’t occur till the skill reaches level 11 (or rather never) Gallop Fastest Animation Fix…

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t catch birds

    Problem I do not get the option to catch and befriend birds anymore. All they have is watch Cause This bug is caused by special seeds in the Sims inventory It seems there are other reasons for this bug. Cause and solution unclear. Solution Remove the seeds and place them on your home lot, plant or sell them or put them in the fridge

  • Bugs

    Multi-Selected Portraits

    Problem I click on the portrait of one of my Sims/Pets but the old one stays selected as well. Also all infos stay on the old Sim/Pet I click on the portrait but while the portrait itself chances the info stay on the old Sim/Pet Cause Like many issues with the interface, this is not an actual bug but the symptom of one. While trying to change the portrait an error occurs that bounces the interface and the old portrait does not get unselected because of it. Since Pet this issue is happening a lot and it seems it has…

  • Bugs

    Gourmet Pet Food

    Problems I have only the Patch and not the EP itself but still my Sims can now cook gourmet pet food My Sims eat pet food at the restaurant My Sim has cooking level 10 and yet he cannot cook gourmet pet food Cause EA forgot to block those for not EP owners EA forgot to block those for the restaurant This only happens to Sims that had a cooking level before the patch. Since they already passed the level where the food was supposed to get added, they can’t learn it anymore. Solution None None It is possible to…

  • Bugs

    Animals are teleported to the edge of the map

    Problem I can’t find my animals. After searching for quite some time, I found them on the edge of the map Cause This is a conflict with the store bath tubs (possibly all of them). When animals try to interact with the tub, they are teleported away. Solution Reset the animal and don’t use store tubs for the moment.

  • Fixed

    Pets can’t learn certain skills

    Problem Cats & dogs can’t learn hunting Horses can’t learn racing Cause It could also be the same skill modifier bug that made Sims not learn the athletic skill anymore and Vampires learn at insane rates. Solution Use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true and shift-click on the mailbox. Then choose make needs static Mods that solve the problem Overwatch, V41 or newer fixes this issue. Further Reading Sim can’t improve theirs skills / Vampires learn insanely fast Sim learn skills insanly fast

  • Graphics

    Distorted Animals

    Problem Pets gives many players distorted animals. Graphic cards that were borderline now don’t work correctly anymore cause the requirements changed. The following issues can occur Distorted Animals with Lines Bulky Eyes Transparent fur  (Shadows) Blocky Fur Non-fluffly fur Without pictures Distorted animals in CAS Temporary Distorted animals when doing certain actions. Cause Depending on the error you’re seeing, the cause is different Distorted Animals with Lines This is due to a borderline or outdated graphic card. Make sure your card is supported (the list is not complete). If you are unsure, wait with spending money on the EP. You can…

  • News

    In Preperation for Pets

    In less then a week, most of you will have the new EPs, either available through download or as a physical copy in your hands. Before installing the EP you should follow the steps described here: What to do before patching. It is important that you backup your user data (including your downloads, installed content and save games. Backing up your Stuff Copy the entire user file directory, most importantly the following folders/files: Saves –> these are all your savegames DCCache –> these is all your custom content (including store content), that you installed through the launcher except houses/sims/households Downloads…