• Bugs

    Sim can’t spin on the Ice/Roller Skating Rink

    Problem My Sim has perfect Ice/Roller skating  skill and I got a message that he can now spin on the rink but he doesn’t have the option to do so. The option to spin with is there until a second Sim enters the rink, but it’s of course gray cause no-one is on the rink to spin with. Cause The issue mainly concerns Hidden Springs (and maybe Sunlit Tides) since the festival lot in those towns have a picnic area hidden underneath the ice/roller skating rink. There’s also on underneath the dance floor. Witches simply don’t seem to be able…

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t use Online Dating System

    Problem My Sim can’t check his messages. He’s reset My Sim can’t check the online profiles of other Sims. He’s reset Cause The Sim resets, if you have a message/profile of a Sim that no longer exists in your town Sims can leave your town for the following reasons They move away They were deleted manually or through a mod (especially for homeless sims and ServiceNPCs) Sim went missing Dead Sims are only an issue if their tombstone was removed from the world Solution Delete your Sims online profile and create a new one. This removes all invalid messages/profiles Mod…

  • Graphics

    Seasons – Graphic glitch on Macs

    Problem My graphics look all weird and blocky in fall. Cause Unclear Solution There is none at the moment but you can help figure it out by posting in this thread: Graphics Glitches

  • Patch,  Store & Exchange

    Store Content Patch, V 2.0 available

    There’s a new Store Content Patch. To trigger, open the launcher and choose the download tab. That should download it. Afterwards you have a file ContentPatch.package in the folder ContentPatch in documents. It’s 6524 kb in size. Restart the launcher/game afterwards If you have one that’s smaller afterwards, delete and redownload the patch Removing CC and mods are not necessary in my opinion, but backing up your user data is always a good idea. Also make sure to remove any 3rd party Store fixes you’ve added. Changes Updated objects to properly display snow and frost in winter with The Sims 3…

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t make Pumpkin Pie

    Problem My Sim is cooking level 10 but I can’t find the pumpkin pie recipe. It can’t be bought as well. Cause Pre-existing Sims that already have a cooking skill higher then 5 won’t get the recipe cause they already passed the level they were supposed to get it at. Solution You might be able to learn the recipe from another Sim or the cooking channel (not sure if that works) Mods that help with the issue Use MasterController to set the cooking skill level to a value < 5 and then back up to the value you had. Further…

  • Fixed,  Store & Exchange

    Winterizing the Stones Throw Greenhouse

    Update 12-13-2012 The Greenhouse is now fixed. See this thread for details: Stone’s Throw Greenhouse Season’s Update! *12/13* Problem The new store venue Greenhouse has an issue where Winter will not stay out and make your plants go dormant. Cause The Glass roof sculptures are not actual roofs, making the game think there’s no roof on the green house Solution SimGuruCopeland has posted a solution on how to winterize your greenhouse and what to take into consideration if you build your own. See here for the details: Winterizing the Stones Throw Greenhouse. The Store Team is working on a more permanent solution.

  • Bugs

    Supernaturals can’t skate

      Problem I sent my fairy/witch/werewolf/vampire to go roller/ice skating but all they do is fly or run around the rink Cause That is a feature, not a bug Solution None since this is done on purpose Mods that help with the issue Twallan will add a ‘fix’ to the next version of Hybrid Further Reading Sim can’t spin on the Ice/Roller Skating Rink

  • News,  Origin

    Seasons Download and Registration Issues

    Issue As of today, Seasons is available and EA has major issues. It seems that they have Server Crashing issues and because of this, all registered games have disappeared from our MyPage again. There’s nothing you need to do about it. EA is working on it. Registration If you bought the download version through Origin and your accounts are connected, there’s no need to register the game. It should be automatically added to your thesims.com account (but since that does not work correctly, it won’t show on your myPage. Try redeeming your limited edition codes anyways to see if it…

  • News

    In Preparation for Seasons

    Seasons is almost upon us, so time for me to make this post. Since we got the patch very early this time, there is no need to go through the whole mod ordeal again unless EA gives us another patch which is unclear at this point. I do recommend to backup all your stuff, most importantly the DCCache folder and the Saves folder. Most of the things stated here: What to do before patching do still apply. Installing the EP will reset all your Sims so for example not being in a vacation town at the time, reduces the changes of game corruption.…