• Bugs

    Supernaturals can’t skate

      Problem I sent my fairy/witch/werewolf/vampire to go roller/ice skating but all they do is fly or run around the rink Cause That is a feature, not a bug Solution None since this is done on purpose Mods that help with the issue Twallan will add a ‘fix’ to the next version of Hybrid Further Reading Sim can’t spin on the Ice/Roller Skating Rink

  • Bugs

    Spoiled food and decreasing of quality

    Problem Food in my fridge spoils as soon as I take it out. My perfect food has gone back to normal quality. Cause The Restoration Ritual Spell, which cleans up your house, puts the quality of each meal in fridges to normal and spoil soon after even if you use the best fridge available. Patching to 1.38 made all existing food spoil. Solution Put all food from the fridge in inventories or on counters before casting the spell.. Putting the whole fridge in the family inventory does not work cause it’s the fridge that spoils the food. Clean up any spoiled…

  • Hacks & Mods

    Mods to the rescue – SN Annoyances begone

    Problem All serviceNPC – Maid, Butler, Bonehilda – are obsessed with cleaning the beehive. They don’t do anything else Bonehilda is obsessed with toddlers and pets. The consign skill tab is missing it’s icon Zombies are dumb. Zombies weren’t as dumb if the wouldn’t destroy ma garden. I love Zombies but the ones in the game – they don’t really do anything. Witches are cool but they autonomously bewitch all residents with stupid spells. My Sim suddenly became the tragic clown. Mods that help with the issues All these annoyances don’t really have a solution and it’s unclear if the…

  • Bugs

    Gem cutter doesn’t cut gems

    Problem I can’t cut my gems with the gem cutter. The option is gray although there are gems in my Sims inventory. Cause This issue occurs because of an error with the import/export process Because of this, it occurs on two occations The gem was found in a foreign country or was take to one and brought back. The Sim that had the gem in his inventory was put in the game via the library. Solution Don’t take any gems to foreign countries. Leave them at home. Gems that were collected in foreign coutries can still be cut via the…

  • Bugs

    Werewolves not aging

    Problems My werewolves are not aging up (especially the inactive ones) Cause Werewolves can’t age up when they are in their werewolf form Solution Only solution so far is to manually age them all up by changing into their household and switching them to human form and then age up. Mods that help with the issue Overwatch, V73 and higher solves the issue by changing the werewolves into their human form on their birthday. Further Reading Werewolves can’t change into their human form Aging troubles Sim won’t age up

  • Bugs

    Creating supernaturals in CAS does not stick

    Problem I want to create a supernatural Sim but when I take him to the game, he’s a normal Sim My in CAS created Sim is a Genie although I did not choose him to be. Cause Taking your Sim into CAS via  testingcheatsenabled true and Edit in CAS does not work for Supernaturals. The cheat is not updated to work correctly. Genies have always been an issue. Seems that once they are a genie, they stay one. Solution Use the elixir to change the Sim to a supernatural — Mods that help with the problem MasterController is updated to correctly…

  • Bugs

    Lunar Cycle not working

    Problem The lunar cycle does not work correctly. Each time I start my game, it’s 2 days until full moon. Cause Seems like EA forgot to save the actual lunar phase with the savegame. Makes me wonder though why not everyone has the issue. Solution — Mods that help with the issue Overwatch fixes the issue in V71 and higher Further Reading Werewolves can’t change into their human form Town overrun by Zombies

  • Bugs

    Werewolves can’t change into their human form

    Problem My werewolf can’t turn back into his human form. Werewolves don’t age up Cause It’s full moon. On a full moon night you can’t choose which form the werewolf has If it’s not a full moon night anymore, you have the bug that occurs if you save your game on a full moon night. Solution Don’t save your game on full moon nights between 5 pm and 8 pm. If you’ve already saved on a full moon night, you can try to make the werewolf normal again using the following method Open the cheat console with die ctl-shift-c Type…

  • Fixed

    Town overrun by Zombies

    Problem I thought we were only supposed to get Zombies on Full Moon Nights, yet I have them during the day and any other night as well Cause It seems this is caused when you save on a full moon. Solution This bug has been fixed in Patch 1.39 There is no solution to save your hood though (unless you resort to mods, see below). You will need to start a new game (or a backup if you have one prior to saving on a full moon). Copy your family to the library and put them in a new game.…

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t make Elixir anymore

    Problem My Sim just reached level x alchemy and now he can’t mix any elixirs anymore. Cause This bug is caused by special seeds in the Sims inventory. If you have a stack of different kind of special seeds, you’re affected by this bug Solution Remove the seeds and place them on your home lot, plant or sell them or put them in the fridge.