• Incompatible Mods

    Fairies don’t have wings

    Problem My fairies are missing their wings Cause This is caused by an outdated NoMosaic or NoEffects Mod Solution Remove (or update) the Mod and remove your Cache Files

  • News

    In Preperation for Supernatural

    Supernatural is out now. Since we got the patch early there is no need to do the whole Mods thing again. Updated for patch 1.38 means updated for the EP. ¬†Backing up your stuff is always a good idea though! The Patch As every Expansion pack, supernatural will come with a patch (why oh why did I not check the game version at the Gamescom ?). The Patch 1.38¬†is already available for download. Which changes are coming with the patch, is not clear yet but my assumptions are: Population Control Collection Journal More Ingame Store Ads New items in BuyDebug…

  • Bugs

    Consignement Store/Elixir Store not working

    Problem I can’t sell any more items. The option is gray When I click on the register, nothing happens Cause After 5 days unsold items are supposed to be returned to the seller. That does not work and the item get a negative number of days making the buy option unusable When your Sim goes on vacation all stuff that he gave to the consignment store are going back into the Sims inventory and instead of emptying out the list in the Store, the list gets deleted rendering the register unusable. Solution Cancel all items with a negative number of…

  • Bugs

    Omni Plant Troubles

    Problem Can’t Order Omniplant Seeds on the Mailbox Can’t feed Omniplant Omniplant stopped growing Stuck Omniplants in Inventory Cause Unclear. Might have something to do with the quality of the seeds not being set properly. Caused by too much stuff in your inventory. If you have a lot of harvestables the selection window fails. If you feed any of the Supernatural fish to the plant (fairy damsel, toad, salamander) the plant fails to produce them (probably because they are missing from the list of available produces) and destroys the plant. The attractions system gives out gifts and one of those…