• Bugs

    Interaction with the crib gets canceled

    Problem My Sims try to interact with a baby or toddler that’s inside a crib. The Interaction is canceled Cause The most common cause for this is if the baby is bugged/corrupted. There’s nothing wrong with the crib itself. Solution Reset the baby/toddler Interact with the crib to take the baby out. After that you should be able to interact with the baby/toddler again. Move the crib to make sure nothing is in the way Delete the crib and buy a new one. Mods that help with the problem Use MasterController to reset the baby/toddler

  • Bugs

    Dying Babies and Toddlers

    Problem Babies and toddler are always dying in my neighborhood. I do not get a message about it. I just can’t find them. There’s a baby in my family tree but I can’t find it anywhere. It doesn’t age at all. Cause This is caused by EA StoryProgression The life of the Sims in your town changes constantly, if you play with activated StoryProgression. They move out, they hook up with each other and they die. There are unnatural deaths but EA included all age groups in those. The only group of Sims that is safe form unnatural deaths are…

  • Fixed,  Store & Exchange

    Toddler Object from the Store don’t work

    Problem The Playpen and the  Walker reset the toddler Cause The problem occurs if the toddler use the following interactions and already have maxed out their skills Play with Abacus (Playpen) Play with Mirror (Playpen) Play (Walker) Solution None Mods that help with the issue FIX for Walker and Playpen Reset Bug РV2 by Nona Mena

  • Bugs

    Chat with … for toddlers missing

    Problem Although I have tought my toddler how to talk, I can’t get the chat with option to show. Cause There’s an error in the code that prevents the option from showing. Solution None Mods that help with the issue Overwatch V106 or higher solves the issue.