• Bugs

    Sim can’t return home from University

    Problem Sims either can’t go to the graduation in properly in the first place or that they don’t return home afterwards and don’t get their extra trait either Symptoms Sims don’t make it inside the building cause of the queue there Something else is screwing up the process and Sims just stay in the Uni world without an option to go back home Cause I don’t have enough info at this point to make a proper post but I think it’s safe to say we can rule out mods. If you want to contribute to finding a solution and find…

  • Bugs

    Sim not arriving at University

    Problem My sim doesn’t arrive at the University. All I get is the option to edit town. My Sim is not there. The loading screen just stops at 99% Cause There are several causes for this just like the WA world not loading. They vary from corrupted family trees to corrupted NPC sims at the Uni world. One identified cause is that if you invite a Sim from Uni to graduation, they will duplicate in your relationship panel, corrupting your Sim. While he might make it back home, he will never be able to go back to Uni. Traveler V55…

  • Bugs

    No performance meter

    Problem My Sim does not have a performance meter while at University Cause It seems that you don’t have a performance bar before classes first start on Monday. If you take two terms, you won’t have one in-between terms. If you don’t have one during terms, see solution below. Solution Reset the Sim. Further Reading No Class schedule

  • Incompatible Mods

    No Class schedule

    Problem My Sim has no class schedule Cause Unclear at this point but probably caused by having a mod in when first starting the game after installing University How to prevent Remove all mods before you install University. It’s yet unknown which mod it is (or if it’s multiple) but it’s probably the StoreFixes (not the official Store Updates but the inofficial ones that fix premium content issues) Solution If you already have the problem try the following Close the game and the launcher Rename your user folder (don’t bother with taking mods folder out and what not, rename the…

  • News

    In Preparation for University Life

    University Life is almost upon us, so time for me to make this post. I do recommend to backup all your stuff, most importantly the DCCache folder and the Saves folder. Most of the things stated here: What to do before patching do still apply. Installing the EP will reset all your Sims so for example not being in a vacation town at the time, reduces the changes of game corruption. If you want to be on the safe side, also remove your mods/custom content. Start a new game after the installation. Get a feeling for what’s new. If you want to continue…

  • Patch

    Patch 1.50

    Everyone that waited with patching should re-try now because of the invalid file error. EA has replaced the incremental patch with the super patch one. You will be downloading the 1.3 GB but it’s the only possibility at this point. For anyone interested in the details, please read this thread/post: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/647907 The new patch is available. Please take the necessary precautions before patching: What to do before patching Mods Information on Twallan’s mods are here: State of the Mod.  Many files have been altered so expect most mods to be busted. Check with your creators before putting anything back. State of…

  • Bugs

    Missing Texture

    Problem Instead of a drawing the drawing table and the sketchpad shows the text ‘Missing Texture’. Solution Delete your cache files