Bad CC


There is more and more custom content (CC) around the net that will cause your game to not work correctly anymore. Freezing, crashing, lots turning blue and Sims looking like monsters are only a few of the issues that can be caused by bad cc. After every patch there is a risk of downloads that worked just fine up to now not working properly anymore. This is especially true for a patch that comes with an EP and the safest way is to remove all CC and play without for a while. Play with a copy of your save game or start a test game before returning to your legacy game. It’s not always easy to find such bad cc and get rid of it. Delphy@MTS has a few tools that help you find certain errors but with every EP there are potentially new issues surfacing. The most important tool for package files is Delphy’s Dashboard Tool. It can Bad-Downloads (don’t really know the criteria for those), TXTC corrupt downloads (blue lots), Sims 3 Downloads, conflicts and duplicates. Schan your Mods folderand the tool tells you what to remove. TXTC corrupt files can be fixed and duplicates and conflicts deactivated. None of my lists contain any of those files cause they are pretty easy to find with the tool. Sims3Packs are harder to find and harder to get rid of. There is a tool by Delphy called CleanInstaller (aka Custard) but every file has to be checked one by one. Nevertheless it’s a great tool to find faulty things before you install them.

Removing CC

Package file can be removed by deleting the files and cleaning the Cache files afterwards. To find the things you downloaded again, it’s best to use some kind of system that suits you best. Sub-folders are a great way to keep track (especially for mods). Sims3Packs need to be uninstalled through the launcher. It’s always a good thing to delete the file in the download and the DCBackup folder as well but that won’t rid you of the download ingame. The name of the corresponding file in the DCBackup folder (a package file) is listed where possible. Details can be found here: Remove Sims3PacksOn my list you’ll also find stuff that has been fixed by the creator, but the faulty version can still be found on many sites, especially the EA Exchange. Most people aren’t aware that there was an update and still use the old version and still pass it on with houses and Sims.

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