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What is a Mod/Hack ?

A mod/hack is a piece of code that you put in your game as either a package file or as replacement of a EA file. A Mod/Hack changes the way your game behaves.

There are four different kind of mods/hacks in Sims 3

  • XML/ Tuning Mods: The EA XML files are being changed to tweak a certain behavior to your liking. Since they override a file, Tuning mods always conflict with other tuning mods that change the same file. If EA changes a XML in their patching process, the mod becomes incompatible and needs to be updated.
  • Non-Core Mods: Extra coding that is being used by the game. Most of those don’t conflict with each other but they need updating for the big EP patches. The smaller patches don’t break as much but to be on the safe side check with the creator.
  • Clones of Objects (Object Mods): An existing object is being cloned and gets new properties and interactions. A new object is born that can be bought and used ingame. They are a subgroup of scripting Mods
  • Core Mods: The EA Core files are being overwritten. There are 4 Core files and you can’t have two mods that overwrite the same files. Some mods overwrite more than one file. A core mods always needs updating with a new patch.

Is there a difference between a Mod and a Hack ?

That depends on who you ask. I myself use the terms as synonyms other include clothing, furniture, etc in the term Mod.

Where can I find good Mods/Hacks ?

Where can I find good Mods/Hacks ?

How do I get a mod into my game

Mods/ Hacks are in most cases package files and you get them in the game like any other package file.

There are a few mods that change a existing EA file. If you want to use one of those, backup your original file. You’ll need it to patch properly. Please read the instructions given by the creators.

How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Like Package files, you can simply delete most of them and then clear your cache files.

Core and non-core scripting mods need some extra steps. If you are using a Core Mod (like Awesome Mod), please read the instructions given by the creator. Non-Core scripting mids need a special way of uninstalling if the are so called injector mods. Please read this for details: How do I uninstall a mod/hack.

Will I have a conflict if I install more than one Mod ?

  • There are 4 Core files:  Sims3GameplaySystems, Sims3GameplayObjects, UI, SimIFace. Core Mods that don’t overwrite the same files can be used together, otherwise the rule for Core Mods is: There can only be one.
  • Non-Core ScriptingMods don’t have conflict issues very often (Read the mods instructions carefully)
  • XML Mods conflict with other XML Mods that change the same files. You can’t use those together. Dashboard is a great way to find conflicting XML Mods.

Do I need to use all the files in the zip file ?

That depends on the mods. Some creators offer more than one variation, others offer different versions for different patch levels and others you’ll actually need all files. Read the instruction to be sure what applies to the mod you want to use. If you’re unsure, ask the creator or in a forum.

Is there anything else I need to know ?

Always backup your game before adding a mod.

Mods change your game. There’s always a chance that the mods has an error (and most bigger scripting mods do have bugs) so be careful and if you run into a problem, remove the mod to see if that was the culprit.  Report any errors you find to the creators so they can fix it.

When EA releases a new patch, most of the mods will not work anymore. They need updating. Remove the mods and replace any file you’ve changed with the original. Only put them back if you are sure they work (aka the creator or many many users say so).

Use at your own risk.