Those are in this blog commonly used abbreviations and terms


  • AMB: Ambitsions. 2nd Expansion Pack


  • BB = Barnacle Bay: Extra world that can be bought in the Sims 3 Store
  • Backup: A copy of a file/ folder to recover lost data later.
  • Bug: A Error in the game (also called glitch)
  • BP = Bridgeport: World that came with Late Night


  • Cache-Files: Files where information is stored for faster processing. Those files are created anew if deleted.
  • CAW = Create-a-World: Tool to create your own worlds
  • CAS = Create-a-Sim or Create-a-Style
  • CC = Custom Content: Third-party content for your game.
  • CDT = Crash to Desktop: When your game closes without a warning
  • CoreMods: Mods that change the game files directly. You can only have on Core Mod in your game (exceptions possible)


  • Dashboard: Tool by Delphy that helps you identify faulty custom content.
  • DL = Downloads: Stuff you download for your game.


  • EADM: EA Download Manager
  • EP: Expansionpack


  • FL = Fast Lane: Second Stuff Pack


  • Gen = Generations, Fourth Expansion Pack. 


  • Hacks or Mods: 3rd party tools that change the behavior of your game.
  • HEL = High End Loft Stuff: First Stuff Pack
  • HS = Hidden Springs: Extra world that can be bought in the Sims 3 Store


  • Installation folder: Folder where your game is installed to. This was determined while installing the game.



  • LN: Late Night. Third Expansion Pack
  • Log/ Log Files: Protocol of what happend.


  • MC = MasterController = Mod by Twallan
  • Mods or Hacks: 3rd party tools that change the behavior of your game.
  • MTS – ModTheSims: Website, that has lots of good tutorials, downlaods and help



  • OLS = Outdoor Living: 3rd stuff pack 


  • Patch: Update of the game that usually help remove bugs.
  • Plumbob: The green ‘thing’ that hangs above a active sims. The Sims trademark.



  • RabbitHole: Building where you can’t see the inside, like the school, store or City Hall
  • Registry: Part of Windows. All important stuff concerning your OS is stored here. See Wiki.
  • RV = Riverview = World that can be downloaded for free from the Sims 3 Store.


  • SCRAP = Create-a-Pet
  • Scripting Mods: Mods that are programed to add extra code to your game. They usually add it trough a new or existing object. Usually no conflicts with other mods.
  • SP = StoryProgression = Mod by Twallan
  • Savegame: The current state of you game when it was saved last.
  • SV = Sunset Valley = World that came with the base game.


  • TB = Twinbrooks = World that came with Ambitions
  • TS2, TS3: Sims 2 or Sims 3
  • TSR – The Sims Resource: Webseite with Tools and download (part of it pay) and forum.
  • Tuning Mods: Mods that change the XML files that come with the game. They usually conflict with each other if the change the same file.


  • User Data Folder: Folder where your user specific data can be found.


  • Vanilla Game: Game that is played without mods or cc.


  • WA: World Adventure. First Expansion Pack