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    Sims 3, the Help Blog and the Future

    Update 02/18/2014 I’m done combing through my blog, I’ve translated a lot of posts the past few days, spamming twitter and my subscribers. I think I have everything but if I need something more for my work over at AnswerHQ there could be another post. Maybe EA surprises us too. There is still the Store and maybe we get some new issues with that. Still not sure if there will be any posts on Sims 4. ATM there’s only (no) news and news are pretty much covered at the news sites. Not my focus. Next to the usual suspects there’s…

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    Patch 1.69

    Update 01/05/2016 Today we get yet another small patch. It’s to make sure CAW is working again. This update has also stripped the download versions of the EPs/SPs of SecuRom. This means that you will need to update to 1.69, should you want to install the EPs through Origin. If you want to stay at 1.67, you need the pre-Sept 2002 disc version and all expansions on disc. If you update to 1.69, please update your game again and use the 1.69 version of CAW posted her: CAW If you decided to stay at 1.67, you don’t need to do anything.…

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    Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager

    Introduction Surprisingly, Maxis has decided to give us something new for Sims 3: An expansion and stuff pack manager that allows you to active and deactivate expansion and stuff packs as you please. No more uninstalling stuff just because you don’t want supernaturals in a certain save game. This update also seems to trigger our games to become registered on thesims3.com again (not sure if true for everyone) which gives you the base game (and WA if you have) Simpoints again. You might need to logout and back in (there’s login issues atm because of an expired security certificate) There’s…

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    Windows 10 and SecuRom

    Introduction There’s much talk about Windows 10 and SecuRom Games cause Windows 10 doesn’t allow SecuRom Games to run. More Details about it can for example be found here: How to play SafeDisc and Securom DRM games in Windows 10: Get Mass Effect, Bioshock, and GTA 3 working on your Windows 10 PC. It’s important to know, that this only affects the disc version of SecuRom games, not the download version (even if they have SecuRom). Because of this, Sims 3 is not affected. Sims 3 does not have SecuRom on the discs, only on the download version. The Sims 2…

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    Sims 3 and Windows 10

    I tried Sims 3 and Sims 2 UC on a technical pre-Version of Windows 10 and had no issues starting either. I didn’t play for very long though. Depending on your Graphics Card/Computer, it can be necessary to start the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode. As far as I know, there’s no official statement whether Sims 1-3 are supported on Windows 10 or not. More Details when Windows 10 becomes officially available.

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    Expansions get a new home in Origin

    Content Where do I find my expansions ? How do I install expansions ? How do I uninstall expansions ? Why are some of the expansions greyed out ? [/themify_box] Where do I find my expansions ? All expansions are now shown as extras on the base game. Click on i on the base game to see all expansions. All available expansions are shown here whether you own them or not. Some expansions even show twice since Origin thinks of the limited edition and the standard edition as two different expansions. Expansions that have a green +-sign are the ones you don’t…

  • Bad CC,  Bugs

    CaST does not load – Materializing Materials

    Problem When i want to open CaST, it will never open and I get an endless message Materializing Materials Cause This problem is caused by faulty patterns. Patterns that were created with CAP should not be converted into Package-Files since they can only be numbered correctly if they are installed through the launcher. You should also not merge such patterns together The patterns are not faulty as such. If you install them through the launcher, they’ll work as intended. There are patterns that can be installed through the launcher that are also faulty. Solution Find the pattern and delete it Delete…

  • Bad CC

    Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight

    Introduction The Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight has the disadvantage to stuck to every Sim/Household/House you upload and has inflicted the Exchange and many fansites by now. The creator of the counter has removed the it from her section and has made a new version that has no issues and can be used: Arezzo Bathroom CounterLeft. I don’t know of any other issues with the counter other than uploading with everything. If anyone has different experiences, let me know. Always check you downloads with Custard before installing (and uploads for that matter). Details There’s no way to distinguish between the good and the…

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    Abandoned Cars & Boats

    Problem There cars and bikes in front of lots that don’t move The ocean is full of unused boats There’s a stuck car in my house Inactive Sims collect cars in their inventories All parking lots are filled with abandoned cars. Cause Most cars are temporary items or stuck objects which the game didn’t clean up properly. Solution Use this method to delete the cars/boats/bikes: Stuck Objects & Objects in use see 1 see 1 There’s no use to manually delete those. They’ll be back in no time. Delete all parking spaces in your town. Mods that help with the issue Use…

  • Bugs


    Problems Bridgeport has quite a few issues and if you use the Late Night features in other towns, these problems can also occur there. Non-reachable routable areas Bridgeport has two almost unreachable areas that are marked as routable terrain for Sims. Since it’s almost impossible to get there, Sims try over and over to get there. Some even success but then get stuck there cause they can’t get back. Film career audition bug A bug in the game causes NPCs to be drawn to community lots if a active Sim has an audition there. They are still drawn to it…