What is this blog for ?

Browsing the net I find many solutions to known issues that are not fixed even after two years and having to write the same answers over and over became very exhausting so I decided to collect them in one place for everyone to link. I started a blog in German in November 2009 and because of it’s success I decided to translate it to English (we all know how good those automatic translations really are).

There is already a similar resource out there. The Sims Wiki by MTS and  it’s a very good source for solutions to all kinds of problems and I’m referring to them frequently.  I made my own to have the freedom I want to post what I want in the form that I want.

I’m not going to repeat what is already there though, so if you have a problem you find a solution to here, refer to it the Wiki. The sections of their game help are linked on the right hand side. Most of the problems can be solved by doing the steps in their Game Help one by one: Sims 3 Game Problem.

You won’t find any instructions concerning game play itself, there are so many resource for those out there, I can’t count them.

This blog is dedicated to your everyday Simming Issues, some are technical and some are bugs.

This blog is meant as reference work and I cannot provide individual help here. Because of this, comments are disabled. If you need to contact me concerning anything related to this blog, please contact me via Email.

To find your way around, please also read my FAQ. Links to the most important external resources can be found here: Link-List.


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There’s also a separate section for Bad CC and my S3S Browser tool.

Important Posts

This is a little list of posts I find important. The contain generic solutions or help you prevent errors in the first place

Please also read my Disclaimer. Note that some of the pictures or text in the pictures throughout this blog are still in German.