Combine Package Files to reduce Lag


A lot of package files lag your game and you will end up having very long loading times. The game does not seem to care that much how large the files are but does care about the number of files.


Package files can be combined manually or by using a tool.


There is a method to combine them, instructions can be found here: Tutorial – Combining Packages to Ease Lag and Load Time or here: How to Merge CC Files to Decrease Lag and Make the Game run faster Guide

Using CC Magic

For a while now there’s a tool that helps you with combining package files.

Tutorials can be found here

A few things you should and should not do

  • Don’t combine Hacks/Mods. They need to be checked/updated with every patch
  • Know what’s in the combined files. Keep a Excel Sheet or something so that you know what is where when you need to get rid of something
  • Don’t delete the original files. You will need them again, if you want to get rid of stuff. Unmerging is rather tedious.

Further Reading