Installation & Startup


The Software contains of different parts. You will need to download the program and the data. The rest is optional.

The Files can be downloaded here: Downloads

Since most of the pictures I have are from the EA-Website, I can’t make them publicly available but the program gives you an option to use your own pics. More details can be found below. I’m also trying to collect ingame pictures I can give to everyone. So far I have around 1300 pics. Let me know if you want to chip in.

Unzip the program ( and double-click on Setup.exe to install the program.

Accept the licenses agreement. The process automatically creates a new folder S3Browser in your documents folder. That folder contains the following files

  • Images
    Pictures that will show in the software. The folder structure within this folder has to be as follows (The names/types of the images have to be the same as listed here: List of image names. You can unpack the picture directly into this folder):
    • Compilation: Images of the compilations
    • Items: Images of the items
    • Patterns: Images of the patterns (not used yet)
    • Set: Images of the sets
  • .S3SInventory
    Your Store-Inventory. You can have as many inventories as you like
  • S3S.Inventories
    A list of all your inventories and information which of them you want loaded by default.
  • UserData.xml
    Information about the images if not used from the info in the database and about any missing sims3packs filenames you may have entered (details see Tutorial)

To install the data (SimsStoreData.xml) copy the file to any folder you like and then tell the program where it is.

Start the Program

To start the progam use Start – Crin&Hubby – S3S – S3SBrowser