Available Updates

How to Update

Download the newest versions here:  Downloads. Backup your inventory-files and UserData.xmlto make sure you don’t loose anything. Also, make sure you install from the same place you’ve installed before or you will get an error (stupid installation program). If you can’t remember, you need to uninstall the old version and install the new version.

Updating the Store Data

Unzip the SimsStoreData.XMLand simply overwrite the existing file by copying it to the place where the old one is stored. Every time the Data is update, so is the Excel List with the imageNames.

Updating the Software

Simply execute the setup.exe as described in Installation. The current installation will automatically be overwritten.

Updating the images

Whenever I have new pictures available they will be uploaded separately, so people that already have some of them don’t need to redownload everything, so to have all of them, make sure to download all the available Image-Downloads.

Special Instructions for Update Dec. 23rd 2011

I had to rename some image files cause there was trouble with the special characters I used. To find out which images those are, use Missing Image Files in the settings menu. It tells you which pictures cannot be found. Rename them and they’ll show up again. If you have any issues, please post here: S3SBrowser – A tool to keep your store purchases organised