• Bugs

    Routing Issues in the Resort Hobart’s Hideout

    Problem The maintenance staff at Hobart’s Hideaway is stomping and complaining with no end. Cause The resort has multiple routing issues but the most annoying are the bug spawners which are located underground. Since the bugs then spawn underground too, it’s hard for the staff to get there and complain. Solution Move the spawners so that they are above ground (or delete them if you don’t want any roaches). Be aware that the spawners only seem to show if the roaches are active. Also if you can’t go to the required level, build a small pool and it should work.…

  • Fixed

    Game freezes when checking into resort

    Problem Whenever my Sim wants to check into a resort, the game freezes and all I can do is to kill the game. Cause This problem is caused by a self-employed Sim (gardener, painter, angler, ..) The diving career is affected by this too If you check in with another Sim that also has a self-employed career, the freeze will also happen. Solution Don’t check in into a resort with those Sims or change their career. They can be unemployed. Mods that help with the issue Overwatch V101 and higher has a fix for the issue