• Bugs

    Smartphone won’t stop ringing

    Problem My Sims smartphone won’t stop ringing. There is no incoming call to answer Cause Unclear. Probably a stuck sound Solution The Ringing should stop once you get a real call (but you can’t trigger that) Move Sim out and back in via Edit Town (won’t work at University) Silence the phone and then unsilence. Restart the game (maybe even delete the cache files) Change world by either going to/from Uni or going traveling Mods that help with the issue Reset the Sim with MasterController (not cheat) Reset the phone with MasterController or DebugEnabler

  • Fixed

    Smartphone photos don’t transfer to homeworld

    Problem My Sim took some awesome photos at University but when I returned home, they were all gone Cause Traveling (probably also to and from vacation worlds) erases the photos from the Smart phone Solution Put them from the camera into your inventory prior to traveling home.