• Bugs

    Neighborhood tinted in red

    Problem My whole neighborhood shows is tinted in red Cause This problem has many causes Corrupt/old Resource.cfg Outdated graphic drivers unsupported hardware Corrupt installation and/or savegames TS3 Mod Manager Solution Only use this method to put cc & mods in your game: How do I install Custom Content/ Mods. Use the Resource.cfg provided there. Uninstall the Installer helper monkey. It’s not valid anymore Update your graphic drivers Reinstall your game If only parts of your neighborhood are red, you are dealing with this problem: Parts of the Neighborhood are shown red

  • Incompatible Mods

    Parts of the Neighborhood are shown red

    Problem Some of the lots and landscape items are showing up in red in my neighborhood Cause This is caused by the very first nude patch. The one that changed a file Solution Replace the file shaders_win32.precomp with it’s original version. If you don’t have that anymore, you can try the one on the DVD but if that fails, you will need to reinstall If your whole neighborhood is tinted in red, you are dealing with this problem:┬áNeighborhood tinted in red