• Bugs

    Missing Time Machine

    Problem My inventor build a time machine but I can’t find it Cause The time machine is in your family inventory. There’s no message about that. Solution Always check your family inventory if you can’t find something. Further Reading Objects disappear from Inventory Stuck Objects & Objects in use

  • Fixed

    Stylist is missing the clothing list

    Problem My stylist would love to do his job and style some Sims but he can’t since the list for clothing is missing. Nothing happens when I click on the buttons. Cause This issue only occurs in non-english games. The game changes the UI to have room for the longer texts. Unfortunately the Back button got busted in the process which makes the list not appear anymore. Solution None, really. It does work in the English version. You can change the language in the registry. Mods, that help with the issue MasterController fixes the issue from V105 and up. You…

  • Bugs

    Consignement Store/Elixir Store not working

    Problem I can’t sell any more items. The option is gray When I click on the register, nothing happens Cause After 5 days unsold items are supposed to be returned to the seller. That does not work and the item get a negative number of days making the buy option unusable When your Sim goes on vacation all stuff that he gave to the consignment store are going back into the Sims inventory and instead of emptying out the list in the Store, the list gets deleted rendering the register unusable. Solution Cancel all items with a negative number of…

  • Bugs

    Can’t build Simbots in Bridgeport

    Problem Whatever I do, I never get the opportunity to build a Simbot in Bridgeport, thus I’m not able to build one. I did get the opportunity but I can’t see the option to build one on the workbench although I have all the necessary ‘ingredients’ Cause The option does not seem to show if you want to build a Simbot in Bridgetown. Solution None Mods that solves the problem MasterController Mod gives you the option to spawn any opportunity you like. Inventor’s Workbench fix for Bridgeport by dividingbyzero

  • Bugs

    Missing Texture

    Problem Instead of a drawing the drawing table and the sketchpad¬†shows the text ‘Missing Texture’. Solution Delete your cache files