• Bugs

    Sim doesn’t go to work

    Problem My Sim doesn’t go to work. The command disappears from the queue Sims go to their work place and then wave and rant about not being able to get in. My Stylist/Ghost Hunter/Architect can’t accept a job since they can’t reach the client Cause There are different causes for this error, depending what career you play and where. Corrupt work outfits ┬áprevent your Sim from going to work. Film stars get a random piece of clothing once they reach a certain level which is supposed to represent their role. These outfits are most often corrupted which leads to the…

  • Fixed

    Unroutable Rabbitholes

    Problem My sim can’t use the bookstore (or other Rabbitholes) anymore. The command falls from the queue Cause This error affects all rabbitholes which doors are placed 3 tiles or less withing the edge of the lot. A change in Patch 1.55 seems to make those rabbitholes unroutable. In EA worlds, the following rabbitholes are affected Bookstore in Monte Vista & Twinbrooks All rabbitholes except the science center in Lunar Lakes. Solution Move or turn the rabbithole so that there are enough tiles in between the door and the edge of the lot. In Lunar Lake you will need to…

  • Bugs

    Opportunities can’t be completed

    Problem My Sim has an opportunity but each time he’s supposed to go to a building, the action is canceled. The building itself does not have the option. Although all requirements for a opportunity are fulfilled, the opportunity is not finished and I don’t get the rewards. Cause Opportunities don’t work properly on mulit-Rabbitholes. Was fixed but seems to be back with Patch 1.38/SN, especially on the school building. Opportunities are for buildings that don’t exist in the current neighborhood. Unclear. Seems to be happening since Patch 1.31 Solution The opportunities can be fulfilled if the mulit-rabbithole is replaced with…

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    Sim can’t enter Rabbithole

    Problem My sim can’t enter a certain or all rabbitholes and thus can’t go to work or do anything there. They get either teleported away or there’s just no interaction. Cause An invisible object is blocking the entrance. If it’s the grocery store then it’s due to unknown seeds in your inventory: Sim can’t use the grocery store If it’s all ┬áRabbitholes the cause is likely to be found somewhere else. An error that occurs is probably preventing your Sim from using the it. Solutions Replace the rabbithole in edit town with a new copy Change the type of your…

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    Sim can’t use the grocery store

    Problem My sim can’t interact with the grocery store at all Solution If it’s only the grocery store this is due to unknown, rare and special seeds in your inventory. Remove them and you will be able to use the grocery store again. Further Reading Sim can’t enter Rabbithole