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  • Fixed Issue

    Game process could not be started

    Current Status Should be fixed Update 2012-09-28 Joy, Error is back. Post the questions below in the thread linked. Also state if you installed Patch 1.39 or not Update 2012-09-25 This issue should be fixed. If you still encounter the issue, please post here:  Can’t Start Game Process  with the following info Packs installed: Version of OS X: DVD or Digital Download version of latest release/installed pack Problem When I try to start the game, I’m getting the following error message Game process could not be started  Cause This issue seems to be connected to an error with the EA…

  • Fixed Issue

    Ingame advertisement crashes game

    Problem It seems the new ingame advertisement (read all about it here: 1.29 Patch Triggers In-Game Advertising/Purchasing and here: Discontinued Sets + Freebies in Buy Mode & CAS!) now makes many games crash. Cause What happens is, that the game downloads many pictures to a new folder called featuredItems. Those pictures are probably used to be displayed ingame and I suspect one or more of those are corrupted. When those pictures are downloaded to the folder, the game crashes. Once you do get your game to work (took 3 attempts for me until it would load), it will crash/freeze in…