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    Can’t upload to the Exchange

    Problem I want to upload something to my Studio but I get a red crossed out circle as a result. My upload can’t be found on the exchange afterwards. The Launcher says my upload was successful but the I can’t find it in my Studio Suggestions Avoid special characters in your upload names (colon, semicolon, dots, dashes, ..) Even though you could not upload, the exchange thinks it is  so you can’t upload again with the same name. Re-export your lot and use a new name.Vermeide Namen mit Sonderzeichen (Komma, Strichpunkt, Punkt, Schrägstrich, etc). Try to re-install it to see…

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    Exchange – Please update your game

    My game is updated. Why does it say Update your Game ? When you download Sims and Houses from the exchange, the website shows you which Store-Items and which Add-Ons are necessary for the download. Sometimes it says please Update your Game. This notice is there for everyone as soon as the download needs a certain patch to install. Some Store content only works if you have a certain patch level. This message means nothing if you are patched to the newest patch level. The browser does not check your installed game version.

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    How does the myPage work ? See MyPage at Official Site. I can’t read my gifting or system messages The system message issue should be fixed. Unsure about the gifting messages. If you get a Oops Page on the system messages, contact support. Some of myGames don’t show as registered Check Origin if they show in myGames (not true for Store Worlds). If they do, log out and back in on the website and if they still don’t show, contact Support. If they also don’t show on Origin, make sure you’ve logged in with the right email address and you…

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    MyPage at Official Site

    The new MyPage at the official site is now live. Not many people are liking it but there are a few things that have gotten better. Also there are a few things you can do, that are not obvious, so I decided to make this FAQ for everyone. Privacy Settings The privacy settings can be found here: Account and Privacy Settings or under My Page (the menu) – My Account – My Account & Settings You have several options to show your MyPage (I won’t go into the Facebook and Twitter settings). Possible Options Public Everyone is able to see the…