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    Delphy’s Custard

    Introduction CleanInstaller (aka Custard) by Delphy (MTS) can help you analyze your Sims3Packs and get rid of any extra stuff that comes with it. If you want to change the Sims3Packs in any way, I recommend working on a copy of it, so that you can try a second time, if something goes wrong. Custard can only analyze one Sims3Pack at the time and only the ones that are NOT installed. Not all errors are shown by Custard as error, which makes it important to know, what you are looking for.

  • Bad CC

    Wrong Category/Age/Gender for Cloth or Accessory

    Problem CAS Part (Clothing) & CAS Part (Accessory) have categories for age, gender and occasion. Because of the different meshes (size, figure), CAS stuff should not be categorized for all outfit types or you will see all kinds of deformation on your Sims. Clothing Age The following combinations are allowed (never enable clothing for babies) Toddlers Children Teens Young Adult / Adult Elder Gender Tops and Outfits should not be categorized for male and female. Bottoms and shoes are not as much of a problem but you might see broken ankles. Categorizes Clothing that is categorized for all is most…