Bad CC

Wrong Category/Age/Gender for Cloth or Accessory


CAS Part (Clothing) & CAS Part (Accessory) have categories for age, gender and occasion.

Because of the different meshes (size, figure), CAS stuff should not be categorized for all outfit types or you will see all kinds of deformation on your Sims.



The following combinations are allowed (never enable clothing for babies)

  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Young Adult / Adult
  • Elder


Tops and Outfits should not be categorized for male and female. Bottoms and shoes are not as much of a problem but you might see broken ankles.


Clothing that is categorized for all is most often faulty as well. Who likes to go swimming in clothing or wear their PJs to a party. Categorizing is very individual and therefore there’s no right or wrong.

A problem are clothing that are categorized for pregnancy but lack the necessary mesh for it. Because of this, the pregnant Sim will never show a baby bump. Custard does not identify those.

Clothing that is categorized for naked means, that this can be worn while taking a shower and because of this, Sims take shower in clothing. I would not use these as well but there are a few tattoos or actual naked closed that are legibly categorized this way.


The following combinations are allowed (never enable hairstyles  for babies)

  •  Toddler
  • Children
  • Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Senior

If a senior hairstyle does not have it’s own file, there won’t be a white thumbnail to go with it.


Make-up that is not categorized properly does not lead to severe errors. You might have a strange CAS picture or see a smudgy mouth.

There is a lot of makeup around that is categorized for babies but I’m unsure if it is an actual problem.

If you create makeup yourself, don’t categorizes it for babies but it’s probably not a reason to not use a existing download.

Identification in Custard

The third column in Custard tells you what they are categorized for. Custard does not show this as an error.

Custard uses abbreviation for age groups and gender:

  • Naked
  • Everyday
  • Formalwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Athletic
  • Singed
  • Career
  • All
  • b = Baby
  • p = toddler
  • c = child
  • t = teenager
  • y = young adult
  • a = adult
  • e = elder
  • m = male
  • f = female

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