Interactive Loading Screen

    Introduction This feature was introduced with patch 1.63. The interactive loading screen gives you the possibilty to play a little game while you wait for your game to load. Your active family get lifetime reward points this way which will then be equally split among all members. Turning off You can turn the interactive loading screen off in your options. Next time you load your game, the screen will be back to normal. Issues Unfortunatley this can lead to longer loading times and some people have even reported it to be responsible for lags ingame. If you experience lags, it’s…

  • Error

    A Serious Error Has Occurred

    Problem when loading a save game I get the following error message:  A serious error has occurred while loading <name of the savegame>.sims3. It is strongly recommended that you restart the application. Cause The game is not able to read some files because they are locked/read-only by another application or folder. Solution See this posts for further infos and a solution Game Help:A Serious Error Has Occurred GameHelp: TS3 Load Issues Also make sure that your Antivirus program is not scanning your hard drive while you play