Interactive Loading Screen


This feature was introduced with patch 1.63.

The interactive loading screen gives you the possibilty to play a little game while you wait for your game to load.


Your active family get lifetime reward points this way which will then be equally split among all members.

Turning off

You can turn the interactive loading screen off in your options.


Next time you load your game, the screen will be back to normal.


Unfortunatley this can lead to longer loading times and some people have even reported it to be responsible for lags ingame. If you experience lags, it’s better to turn it off.

Can’t turn the screen off.

The patch is supposed to add the following line to your user directory\options.ini file:

enableinteractiveloading = 1

This does not seem to be the case for some (do start the game at least once).

To solve this issue, install the manual Super Patch again. Click yes when asked if you want to install the same patch again.