• Graphics

    Seasons – Graphic glitch on Macs

    Problem My graphics look all weird and blocky in fall. Cause Unclear Solution There is none at the moment but you can help figure it out by posting in this thread: Graphics Glitches

  • Fixed Issue

    Game process could not be started

    Current Status Should be fixed Update 2012-09-28 Joy, Error is back. Post the questions below in the thread linked. Also state if you installed Patch 1.39 or not Update 2012-09-25 This issue should be fixed. If you still encounter the issue, please post here:  Can’t Start Game Process  with the following info Packs installed: Version of OS X: DVD or Digital Download version of latest release/installed pack Problem When I try to start the game, I’m getting the following error message Game process could not be started  Cause This issue seems to be connected to an error with the EA…