Error messages with solutions and workarounds

  • Error,  Origin

    Can’t download Game from Origin

    Problem I’m trying to download a game from Origin but when it reaches a certain percentage, it goes back to a lower percentage. This constantly loops and I can’t download the game. I get Error 7049:408 when I try to download my game Solution There’s a new beta version of Origin that addresses this issue. Try these steps Launch Origin and log in with your account Click Origin in the top left (main menu) Select Application Settings From General tab, scroll down to Update to the beta version if available and tick the check box Restart Origin Also make sure that…

  • Error,  Launcher

    Black Screen, long loading times and TMP files in DCCache

    Problem After the installation of Patch 1.55, my game doesn’t load. All I get is a black screen. My Launcher takes forever to load now. Cause The causes for those issues aren’t solved completely yet and everything written here is a mere assumption. It might be completely not true. To discuss the tmp files, please post here: TMP Files in DCCache Make sure you remove all your mods to be certain that the black screen issue isn’t cause by an incompatible mod. Best is to do a complete Factory Reset. Downloadedsims.index in SavedSims seems also to be a source of issues. Delete…

  • Graphics

    Seasons – Graphic glitch on Macs

    Problem My graphics look all weird and blocky in fall. Cause Unclear Solution There is none at the moment but you can help figure it out by posting in this thread: Graphics Glitches

  • Error

    A Serious Error Has Occurred

    Problem when loading a save game I get the following error message:  A serious error has occurred while loading <name of the savegame>.sims3. It is strongly recommended that you restart the application. Cause The game is not able to read some files because they are locked/read-only by another application or folder. Solution See this posts for further infos and a solution Game Help:A Serious Error Has Occurred GameHelp: TS3 Load Issues Also make sure that your Antivirus program is not scanning your hard drive while you play

  • Error

    Wrong Region Code

    Problem I get the error message The setup has detected that the regional install code for The Sims 3 is different than what this expansion requires. This product requires The Sims 3 to have the same regional code in order to be installed. Cause The base game and the EPs have a so called region code. The codes are as follows (last two numbers of your version number) This error occurs for two reasons Different regions for the base game and world adventures The base game and the world adventure expansion pack need to have the same region code or they…

  • Fixed Issue

    Game process could not be started

    Current Status Should be fixed Update 2012-09-28 Joy, Error is back. Post the questions below in the thread linked. Also state if you installed Patch 1.39 or not Update 2012-09-25 This issue should be fixed. If you still encounter the issue, please post here:  Can’t Start Game Process  with the following info Packs installed: Version of OS X: DVD or Digital Download version of latest release/installed pack Problem When I try to start the game, I’m getting the following error message Game process could not be started  Cause This issue seems to be connected to an error with the EA…

  • Error

    Disc Verification Failure

    Problem I get the following error message: Disc Verification Failure. The game is unable to verify that your <name of the game> disc is genuine. Please contact customer service Cause This issue seems to be occuring on Mac computers that have custom content installed. I’m unsure if it’s ANY custom content or certain ones and if Store content also counts. Other reasons are Defect DVD drive CD Emulation programs that conflict Others listed here: Disc Authentication Error or here:  Cyclic Redundancy Check Solution Remove all your custom content and check if it works. If it does, put it back in…

  • Graphics

    Sims are full of Holes

    Problem My sims are full of little triangular holes. Cause This issue  is caused by the ATI/AMD Graphic driver 12.4. The following cards are affected (might be more) ATI Radeon HD 4200 series ATI Radeon HD 4500 Series ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series ATI Radeon HD 2900 ATI Radeon HD 2600 ATI Radeon HD 2400 Solution Download the Hotfix Treiber 12.4a and install Further Reading Distorted Animals Distorted Fences and Stairs

  • Error,  Launcher

    Launcher doesn’t start anymore

    Problem My launcher does not start anymore Cause Patch 1.32 is classified as malware by Norton and the launcher file is put in quarantine. Some bad file in the user files prevents the launcher from starting Solution Pull the file Sims3LauncherW.exe from the Norton Quarantine: Restoring an item from the Quarantine Resetting the game to factory settings without reinstalling Further Reading Launcher Crashes