Issues with the Launcher

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    Store Content cannot be downloaded

    Problem I click on Download in my browser but nothing happens I get the following error message: There was an error while downloading the content. Please check the log for more details. Cause & Solutions Make sure you use the newest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The browser needs to have an associated program (which should be Sims3LauncherW.exe) to download. Make sure that your game is updated to the latest patch version Add the following websites as an exception to your Firewall and Antivirus program There are a few IP addresses that can’t access…

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    Launcher crashes

    Problem I get a cryptic error message and then another saying the launcher isn’t working anymore. Sometimes you can scroll for a while until the message appears. I get the following message: Sims3launcher has stopped working Cause This issue is often cause by a faulty download that didn’t get installed properly. This can be a Sim, a house/household or an object, piece of clothing or hairstyle. Solution Always use the newest version of Origin. Try the following if you have faulty downloads installed: Move the folder Library (those are your houses and households) to your desktop (or rename it). You won’t loose…

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    Exchange Content cannot be installed

    Problem I want to install something I’ve downloaded from the exchange but I get an error I get the following error message: Installation failed: Please make sure your game has the latest Software Updates and try again. I do not get an error message but when I start the game, the items are not in the game. Cause This problem has several causes Your game is not updated The file name of the Sims3pack contains special characters like semicolons. You tried to install something that is corrupt. If you check those with Custard, you’ll see lots of red package files and…

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    Unable to connect to Origin

    Problem I get the message: Unable to connect to Origin Unable to connect to the EA Download Manager Cause This problem is caused by the launcher not being able to find the Origin client on your computer. You do not have the Origin client installed on your computer The client installed on your computer is not up-to-date A program (such as an Antivirus Program) or the firewall is blocking the connection Your Origin Account is not connected to your account You’ve changed your Email Address and now the game has troubles with certain files that store your Email address…

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    Downloaded Sims and Houses can’t be installed

    Problem I’ve downloaded a Sim/House/Household from the exchange but I can’t find it in CAS or in the library Cause There are many Sims out there that cannot be installed through the launcher. They will show as installed but next time you open the launcher, they are uninstalled again. I don’t know why some Sims show this behavior but it’s possible that CC has something to do with it. When a Sim/House/Household is installed through the launcher, a file will be saved to the SavedSims folder (or the library folder in your user data directory. For some reason, this will not…

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    Install Sims3Packs

    Introduction Sims3Packs are installed through the launcher. You simply double click on a file to install it or – if downloaded from the exchange or the Sims 3 Store – you’ll find them on the launcher in Downloads where you choose install. Detailed instructions can be found here: Game Help:Installing TS3 Packs Downloading houses and Sims from the Exchange and other pages can have unwanted custom content attached to it. Those are Sims3Packs since package files do not spread that way. Because of this, you need not fear to get mods in your game through another file. Unfortunately it’s very easy…

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    Black Screen, long loading times and TMP files in DCCache

    Problem After the installation of Patch 1.55, my game doesn’t load. All I get is a black screen. My Launcher takes forever to load now. Cause The causes for those issues aren’t solved completely yet and everything written here is a mere assumption. It might be completely not true. To discuss the tmp files, please post here: TMP Files in DCCache Make sure you remove all your mods to be certain that the black screen issue isn’t cause by an incompatible mod. Best is to do a complete Factory Reset. Downloadedsims.index in SavedSims seems also to be a source of issues. Delete…

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    Launcher doesn’t start anymore

    Problem My launcher does not start anymore Cause Patch 1.32 is classified as malware by Norton and the launcher file is put in quarantine. Some bad file in the user files prevents the launcher from starting Solution Pull the file Sims3LauncherW.exe from the Norton Quarantine: Restoring an item from the Quarantine Resetting the game to factory settings without reinstalling Further Reading Launcher Crashes

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    How to find a certain download in your Launcher

    Problem When you download houses or Sims from the Exchange and other sites, a lot of stuff is coming with those. The bigger the file, the more extra CC is included with the download. Those can be faulty or you just don’t like them and just want to get rid of them. Most of them will be in your launcher and you will need to uninstall them. Unfortunately they are not always easy to find. Solution The best method is to check everything first. Check them with Custard and get rid of everything you don’t want. You can also do…