• Bugs

    Abandoned Cars & Boats

    Problem There cars and bikes in front of lots that don’t move The ocean is full of unused boats There’s a stuck car in my house Inactive Sims collect cars in their inventories All parking lots are filled with abandoned cars. Cause Most cars are temporary items or stuck objects which the game didn’t clean up properly. Solution Use this method to delete the cars/boats/bikes: Stuck Objects & Objects in use see 1 see 1 There’s no use to manually delete those. They’ll be back in no time. Delete all parking spaces in your town. Mods that help with the issue Use…

  • Bugs

    Missing Time Machine

    Problem My inventor build a time machine but I can’t find it Cause The time machine is in your family inventory. There’s no message about that. Solution Always check your family inventory if you can’t find something. Further Reading Objects disappear from Inventory Stuck Objects & Objects in use

  • Bugs

    Objects disappear from Inventory

    Problem Things disappear from my Inventory when I change the active household I’m missing stuff (have extra stuff) when I come back from University/Traveling/the Future Cause This is not a bug but EA wanted this to be this way. There’s a daily routing that cleans out the inventory and all inactive fridges. Since the travel system is very unstable, it can happen that stuff disappears (or appears) from your inventory after traveling. Solution EA has changed the routine. This should not happen anymore. There are still a few objects that get cleaned out this way. Leave everything you don’t need…

  • FAQ

    Tips & Tricks

    Are there things I should keep in mind ? Save your game on a regular basis. Use different save game names so you can go back more than one save game. Twallan’s Saver helps you with save prompts in certain intervals that you can choose yourself. The mods saves in cycles by adding a number to your savegame name and then overwrite the first one. Backup your user files on a regular basis Do not keep the Cheat BuyDebug activated when you go traveling (vacation towns, University, Future) Special Seeds seem to be the cause of many bugs. If you notice…

  • Fixed

    Stuck Bills after returning from University

    Problem My Sim has several bills stuck in his inventory and I can’t do anything with them Cause The cause of this are love letters that your Sim got at University but were left in the mailbox upon returning to the home world. They turn into bills if the Sim that wrote them is no longer available (which is likely if the letters were from someone at University). How to prevent First thing you do when you get the message that your Sim will be going home in one hour is go back to your home and empty the mailbox.…

  • Bugs

    Stuck inventory items

    Problem There are stuck items like cars, cameras and teddy bears in my Sims inventory/family inventory that can’t be deleted. With Patch 1.22 many collection objects seem to freeze in the inventory if you have them in while patching. Solution Move your family out and back in If you have WA, go on vacation. Mods that help with the issue MasterController has an option to sort the inventory. That unstucks items in your inventory. Overwatch has an option clean up inventory that deletes items that are not actually there anymore. Further Reading Stuck Objects & Objects in use

  • Bugs

    Omni Plant Troubles

    Problem Can’t Order Omniplant Seeds on the Mailbox Can’t feed Omniplant Omniplant stopped growing Stuck Omniplants in Inventory Cause Unclear. Might have something to do with the quality of the seeds not being set properly. Caused by too much stuff in your inventory. If you have a lot of harvestables the selection window fails. If you feed any of the Supernatural fish to the plant (fairy damsel, toad, salamander) the plant fails to produce them (probably because they are missing from the list of available produces) and destroys the plant. The attractions system gives out gifts and one of those…