Stuck Bills after returning from University


My Sim has several bills stuck in his inventory and I can’t do anything with them

You’ll still find bills in your inventory if you had them before. The fix EA put in should only prevent new ones, it doesn’t rid you of the existing ones.


The cause of this are love letters that your Sim got at University but were left in the mailbox upon returning to the home world. They turn into bills if the Sim that wrote them is no longer available (which is likely if the letters were from someone at University).

How to prevent

First thing you do when you get the message that your Sim will be going home in one hour is go back to your home and empty the mailbox.



They don’t do anything bad though. The repro man won’t come because of them. They are just a nuisance.

Mods that help with the issue

  • DebugEnabler helps to delete stuck items: Click on Bill –> NRaas –> DebugEnabler –> Radius Purge

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