Abandoned Cars & Boats


  1. There cars and bikes in front of lots that don’t move
  2. The ocean is full of unused boats
  3. There’s a stuck car in my house
  4. Inactive Sims collect cars in their inventories
  5. All parking lots are filled with abandoned cars.


Most cars are temporary items or stuck objects which the game didn’t clean up properly.


  1. Use this method to delete the cars/boats/bikes: Stuck Objects & Objects in use
  2. see 1
  3. see 1
  4. There’s no use to manually delete those. They’ll be back in no time.
  5. Delete all parking spaces in your town.

Mods that help with the issue

  1. Use Radius Purge in DebugEnabler to delete cars. Choose 0 as radius
  2. see 1
  3. see 1
  4. Overwatch removes abandoned cars once a day
  5. see 4

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