• Bugs

    Issues with ServiceNPCs

    Problem Service NPCs cause of quite a few issues. General Cars are stuck in front of the house ServiceNPC is not showing up ServiceNPC is standing around doing nothing RoleNPCs constantly change which makes it difficult to fulfill opportunities. Butler 50 Butler at onces (and more) Gets stuck Lazy Doesn’t do as told Obsessed by elevator Never comes back Can’t be assigned a bed Maid Doesn’t do job Handyman Doesn’t repair stuff Doesn’t repair stuff from the junk yard Cause Some of the problems mentioned above are caused by stuck ServiceNPCs Lazyness has always been a problem. Some of them…

  • Fixed

    Sim freezes while taking pictures

    Problem Every time I take a picture with the WA Camera, my Sim freezes. Other Symptoms of this bug The photography skill tab  is empty Pictures are stuck in the inventory Cause As trukittn at MTS found is this bug caused by open opportunities and adventures. As soon as you have one open and take a picture, the error will occur. It will then spread to all your save games. As it seems there is no possibility to  play those opportunities and adventures that involve taking pictures atm. I’m unsure if that also applies to the architecture career. Solution Reset…

  • Bugs

    Stuck inventory items

    Problem There are stuck items like cars, cameras and teddy bears in my Sims inventory/family inventory that can’t be deleted. With Patch 1.22 many collection objects seem to freeze in the inventory if you have them in while patching. Solution Move your family out and back in If you have WA, go on vacation. Mods that help with the issue MasterController has an option to sort the inventory. That unstucks items in your inventory. Overwatch has an option clean up inventory that deletes items that are not actually there anymore. Further Reading Stuck Objects & Objects in use

  • Bugs

    Lags & Intermittent Freezes

    Problem Although trees and stuff is still moving, my Sims seem to be frozen The lags are terrible. The game is jerky Cause Make sure your computer fulfills the requirements. I think the minimum requirement for this game are way to low so if yo are even lower than that, that is probably where your problem lies. Stuck or frozen Sims Stuck cars and bikes Tons of cars in the streets and the inventories of inactive Sim. These are temporary items that don’t get cleaned up properly. Tons of limousines that populate the streets Crowd gatherings that never dissolve. Tons…