Lags & Intermittent Freezes


  1. Although trees and stuff is still moving, my Sims seem to be frozen
  2. The lags are terrible.
  3. The game is jerky


  • Make sure your computer fulfills the requirements. I think the minimum requirement for this game are way to low so if yo are even lower than that, that is probably where your problem lies.
  • Stuck or frozen Sims
  • Stuck cars and bikes
  • Tons of cars in the streets and the inventories of inactive Sim. These are temporary items that don’t get cleaned up properly.
  • Tons of limousines that populate the streets
  • Crowd gatherings that never dissolve.
  • Tons of downloads (especially package files) and faulty ones.
  • Bad Routing in Bridgeport
  • Large Savegames. Games that have been played very long tend to bloat. Especially all the relationship information take up a lot of space.
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Make sure you have no areas where sim can get stuck
  • Trees in driveways make the game lag.
  • Twallan’s StoryProgression Mod is heavy on the resources. If you have an older/slower computer, don’t use it.
  • The game likes to spawn a lot of wild animals and strays. Similar to the car issue this makes the game lag
  • Server Connections Issue (SimPort, social features)


  • Turn down your options or get a new Computer. Make sure the computer has a dedicated graphic card and not just a chip.
  • Reset stuck Sims
  • Delete stuck cars
  • Try to reduce the number of cars in your hood. Remove them from inventories and streets. To prevent them spawning everywhere again, delete the parking spaces as well.
  • Reduce the amount of CC, check it with Dashboard and combine package files.
  • Copy all your Sims to the library and move them to a new town. You will loose all your relationships but everything else will be maintained.
  • Make sure to fix all spiral staircases in your town.
  • Log out from game while playing.
  • Turn off the interactive loading screen in your options.

Mods that help with the problem.

  • Overwatch cleans cars and resets stuck Sims
  • Mastercontroller has an option to reset all objects/Sims in town (town – reset everything)
  • Traffic helps you reduce the amount of traffic in your town
  • Porter helps you move your family to a new town without loosing their relationships
  • ErrorTrap helps cleaning your savegame by getting rid of corrupt and unnecessary data.
  • Register helps you control the amount of strays/wild animals you have in your town. There are also tuning mods around that achieve the same.
  • Nona’s PerformanceCareer_NoLimo Mod helps reducing the amount of limousines since Sims in the Showtime careers don’t get them any longer.

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