Issues with ServiceNPCs


Service NPCs cause of quite a few issues.


  • Cars are stuck in front of the house
  • ServiceNPC is not showing up
  • ServiceNPC is standing around doing nothing
  • RoleNPCs constantly change which makes it difficult to fulfill opportunities.


  • 50 Butler at onces (and more)
  • Gets stuck
  • Lazy
  • Doesn’t do as told
  • Obsessed by elevator
  • Never comes back
  • Can’t be assigned a bed


  • Doesn’t do job


  • Doesn’t repair stuff
  • Doesn’t repair stuff from the junk yard


  • Some of the problems mentioned above are caused by stuck ServiceNPCs
  • Lazyness has always been a problem. Some of them are better than others.
  • ServiceNPCs now live in apartment buildings. People report issues if such a Sim is your neighbor.
  • Einige der oben genannten Probleme kommen daher, dass die Sims irgendwo feststecken.
  • The handy man was never supposed to repair stuff from the junk yard. It was a bug that was fixed.


How to get rid of a butler you can’t find ?

  1. Open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c
  2. Type: testingcheatsenabled true .
  3. Move the relationship to the butler all the way down. This will cause him to call and quit
  4. Open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c
  5. Type: testingcheatsenabled true .

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