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    Mods to the rescue – SN Annoyances begone

    Problem All serviceNPC – Maid, Butler, Bonehilda – are obsessed with cleaning the beehive. They don’t do anything else Bonehilda is obsessed with toddlers and pets. The consign skill tab is missing it’s icon Zombies are dumb. Zombies weren’t as dumb if the wouldn’t destroy ma garden. I love Zombies but the ones in the game – they don’t really do anything. Witches are cool but they autonomously bewitch all residents with stupid spells. My Sim suddenly became the tragic clown. Mods that help with the issues All these annoyances don’t really have a solution and it’s unclear if the…

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    How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

    Introduction Some mods can’t simply be ripped out or you will destroy your savegame. Since the introduction of premium items, EA has fixed an error with injection though so there aren’t as many mods that use special instructions any more. I don’t know anything about Awesome mod so if you’re using that, make sure to read all instructions available. Extra steps for specific Mods copied from Twallan’s wiki  Careers Uninstall instructions: First uninstall all CareerData packages. Leave NRaas_Career.package installed for the moment Load up the game and save the game under a new save name Now uninstall the NRaas_Career.package If…

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    Unofficial Game Modification

    Problem I get the following error message: It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification that does not match your current version of The Sims 3. We recommend that you either uninstall these game modifications or get updated versions of them – otherwise you may experience crashes or significant bugs Cause Since patch 1.12/2.7/3.3/4.0 the game knows if you are using a CoreMod like  AwesomeMod, ErrorTrap or EGC Left over files from the old modding framework (Install Helper Monkey) Cracked version of the game Solution Never use a core mod with a different patch version than it’s for. Remove…

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    What is a Mod/Hack ? A mod/hack is a piece of code that you put in your game as either a package file or as replacement of a EA file. A Mod/Hack changes the way your game behaves. There are four different kind of mods/hacks in Sims 3 XML/ Tuning Mods: The EA XML files are being changed to tweak a certain behavior to your liking. Since they override a file, Tuning mods always conflict with other tuning mods that change the same file. If EA changes a XML in their patching process, the mod becomes incompatible and needs to…