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Mods to the rescue – SN Annoyances begone


  • All serviceNPC – Maid, Butler, Bonehilda – are obsessed with cleaning the beehive. They don’t do anything else
  • Bonehilda is obsessed with toddlers and pets.
  • The consign skill tab is missing it’s icon
  • Zombies are dumb.
  • Zombies weren’t as dumb if the wouldn’t destroy ma garden.
  • I love Zombies but the ones in the game – they don’t really do anything.
  • Witches are cool but they autonomously bewitch all residents with stupid spells.
  • My Sim suddenly became the tragic clown.

Mods that help with the issues

All these annoyances don’t really have a solution and it’s unclear if the beehive obsession is even a bug (the beehive is never clean)

The modding community has made a few mods that help with these.

All mods by bluegenjutsu and Shimrod can be found at TFM’s Naughty Sims Asylum. You need to register (it’s free) to see and download the mods.

Mods by bluegenjutsu

  • Better Beekeeping or  No Maids, Butlers and Bonehilda Obsession with Cleaning the Beekeeping Box
  • “Bonehilda Leave Them Alone” (In Testing)
  • No Zombies Spawning On Full Moons
  • A few mods that don’t allow autonomous spell casting.
  • No Getting Random Buffs When Riding the Llama prevents your Sims from randomly getting the Tragic Clown Moodlet and hence becoming the tragic clown.

Mods by Shimrod101

  • Zombies No Attacking Plants
  • Zombies More Biting
  • Missing Consignment Skill Journal Icon