• Bugs

    Option Move-In not appearing

    Problem I’ve tried so many things but the option move in never shows up. Solution Try to only choose interactions from the Friendly menu. Do as many interactions from the menu as possible without changing the category. Other possibility is that you already have 8 people living in your house or one is pregnant which would fill the quota. Further Reading Option Steady Relationship not appearing Getting Married/Steady Relationship not possible Sim can’t marry

  • FAQ

    Tips & Tricks

    Are there things I should keep in mind ? Save your game on a regular basis. Use different save game names so you can go back more than one save game. Twallan’s Saver helps you with save prompts in certain intervals that you can choose yourself. The mods saves in cycles by adding a number to your savegame name and then overwrite the first one. Backup your user files on a regular basis Do not keep the Cheat BuyDebug activated when you go traveling (vacation towns, University, Future) Special Seeds seem to be the cause of many bugs. If you notice…

  • Bugs

    Moving to a new town

    Functionality The option is recycling World Adventure and University Live code and we all know how well that works. The option only allows you to move the active family. All relationships to other Sims, all wishes and opportunities and also jobs if they are not available in the new town, are lost. All traits and skill remain intact. Problem Patch 1.55 gives us the possibility to move to another town from within our game. Unfortunately, there are issues with it. Sim(s) stay in town even after they’re supposed to moved but the game can’t be saved anymore and edit town doesn’t work…

  • Fixed

    Wedding Issues

    Problem My Sim just got married but I did not get a window to move them in with each other. Because of this my Sim is still living alone. Getting married under the wedding arch resets my Sim. He is married though My Sim got married but still has the same name he had before. Cause EA added code for a wedding anniversary which you only get with Seasons installed so if you don’t have the EP, this fails. Solution Since the Sims are married, you can move in the Sim manually. Use the Move In option on the friendly menu.…

  • Bugs

    Endless Moving Mode

    Problem I wanted to move a sim/family but now the little circle spins endlessly and I can’t do anything. I wanted to move a Sim which he did successfully but now I can’t use build or buy mode because I’m getting a message that I’m in moving mode. It’s been awhile since my Sim has moved. Cause There are a few causes for this bug. It could be because of too many items in your inventory or a faulty download (also Store items). Pangu’s Axe is also known to cause this bug. Your family is stuck in a permanent moving…