Moving to a new town


The option is recycling World Adventure and University Live code and we all know how well that works. The option only allows you to move the active family. All relationships to other Sims, all wishes and opportunities and also jobs if they are not available in the new town, are lost. All traits and skill remain intact.


Patch 1.55 gives us the possibility to move to another town from within our game. Unfortunately, there are issues with it.

  1. Sim(s) stay in town even after they’re supposed to moved but the game can’t be saved anymore and edit town doesn’t work either cause the Sims are traveling at the moment.
  2. Sim(s) do travel to the new town but afterwards buy/build mode and other options can’t be used cause the Sims are still moving.
  3. Relationships of Sims that traveled to the new town get messed up.


Issue 1 seems to happen if you accept the opportunity you get at the beginning of an existing game. I’m unsure what makes the process fail but it’s possible that the messages you get at the beginning (like missing objects warning) have something to do with it. Moving through the phone seems to be less buggy but it can lead to issues 2) and 3)




If you start an existing game for the first time after patching, you’ll get a message if you want to move to a new town. I recommend to say NO to that question. Moving through the phone works better. Before moving, save your game under a new name so you don’t loose anything if the process fails. Moving to a new town works similar to moving within town. You’re asked if you want to keep your furniture and stuff or if you want to sell it. I recommend to move all furniture you want to keep to the family inventory (especially Pangus Axe) and sell the rest. Also make sure you don’t have extensive numbers of produce in your inventory. Sell that before moving.

Mods that solve the issue

  • DebugEnabler has an option Drop Moving which rids you of the moving situation (Issue 2) –> Not verified working yet
  • MasterController allows you to repair broken family trees and relationships
  • Porter allows the moving of more than one family.

Further Reading