Wedding Issues


  • My Sim just got married but I did not get a window to move them in with each other. Because of this my Sim is still living alone.
  • Getting married under the wedding arch resets my Sim. He is married though
  • My Sim got married but still has the same name he had before.


EA added code for a wedding anniversary which you only get with Seasons installed so if you don’t have the EP, this fails.


Since the Sims are married, you can move in the Sim manually.

  • Use the Move In option on the friendly┬ámenu.
  • Use Edit Town to merge the wedded couple
  • Use the Cheat testingcheatsenabled true, shift-click on the lot and choose Add to household

The name of your sim can be changed on the city hall

The reset itself should not be a problem

This error should be corrected once you install Seasons

Mods that help with the issue

  • Mover fixes the issue