Endless Moving Mode


  1. I wanted to move a sim/family but now the little circle spins endlessly and I can’t do anything.
  2. I wanted to move a Sim which he did successfully but now I can’t use build or buy mode because I’m getting a message that I’m in moving mode. It’s been awhile since my Sim has moved.


  1. There are a few causes for this bug. It could be because of too many items in your inventory or a faulty download (also Store items). Pangu’s Axe is also known to cause this bug.
  2. Your family is stuck in a permanent moving situation probably because of a bugged sim.


Make sure to save before every move (also when getting married) under a new name (save as). This way you have something to go back to. Never save during a move.

For both bugs you can reload an old save game.

  1. Delete some of the stuff in your sims inventory or move without your furniture (move everything you want to keep into the family inventory. If you have a Pangu’s Axe on the wall, move that to your family inventory as well (save before doing that because Pangu’s Axe likes to disappear on you)
  2. None

Mod that solves the problem

  1. DebugEnaber has an option that gets you out of the permanent moving situation Choose the option Drop Moving. Make a backup of your save game before doing this.
  2. Mover prevents such situations in the first place