• Bugs

    Sim leaves school

    Problem My Sim goes to school but is then reset to next to the building. I can send him over and over and over. Happens all the time. Cause Kids and teens that have one parent not living in the neighborhood are affected by this bug if they get an A in school. The kids try to tell their parents about their good grade but since one of the parents doesn’t live in the neighborhood, they can’t. The bug can occur under the following circumstances: One parent lives in a foreign country One parent has moved away One parent died…

  • Bugs

    Objects disappear from Inventory

    Problem Things disappear from my Inventory when I change the active household I’m missing stuff (have extra stuff) when I come back from University/Traveling/the Future Cause This is not a bug but EA wanted this to be this way. There’s a daily routing that cleans out the inventory and all inactive fridges. Since the travel system is very unstable, it can happen that stuff disappears (or appears) from your inventory after traveling. Solution EA has changed the routine. This should not happen anymore. There are still a few objects that get cleaned out this way. Leave everything you don’t need…

  • FAQ

    Tips & Tricks

    Are there things I should keep in mind ? Save your game on a regular basis. Use different save game names so you can go back more than one save game. Twallan’s Saver helps you with save prompts in certain intervals that you can choose yourself. The mods saves in cycles by adding a number to your savegame name and then overwrite the first one. Backup your user files on a regular basis Do not keep the Cheat BuyDebug activated when you go traveling (vacation towns, University, Future) Special Seeds seem to be the cause of many bugs. If you notice…

  • Fixed

    Smartphone photos don’t transfer to homeworld

    Problem My Sim took some awesome photos at University but when I returned home, they were all gone Cause Traveling (probably also to and from vacation worlds) erases the photos from the Smart phone Solution Put them from the camera into your inventory prior to traveling home.

  • Bugs

    Gem cutter doesn’t cut gems

    Problem I can’t cut my gems with the gem cutter. The option is gray although there are gems in my Sims inventory. Cause This issue occurs because of an error with the import/export process Because of this, it occurs on two occations The gem was found in a foreign country or was take to one and brought back. The Sim that had the gem in his inventory was put in the game via the library. Solution Don’t take any gems to foreign countries. Leave them at home. Gems that were collected in foreign coutries can still be cut via the…

  • Bugs

    Lags in China

    Problem My game is severely lagging in China. I can hardly play. It’s worse at night Cause Like Bridgeport, China has some severe routing problems. There are places where Sims get stuck a lot, causing these lags to happen. More information about this can be found here Game Help:World Routing Lags Possible lead on the Hot Springs Lag Problem… EP1: World Adventures – Weird freezing in China after generations install The most problematic lots are Dragon Springs Hot Springs Solution Reset your sims. This has the disadvantage that your active Sim will be reset too Reset the problematic lots. You…

  • Bugs

    Invisible Sims

    Problem My sim returned from vacation and now all other Sims are invisible. I only see their thought bubbles and I can’t interact with them Some Sims are invisible. I see their plumbob when they are active but I can’t click on them. My Sim is invisible and it looks like the are underground. Their though bubbles and microphones are hovering above ground My baby is invisible Cause There are a few cloth that can be the reason for that. Babies usually turn invisible if you remove a bad download that has made them look like a pole. Teens and…

  • Bugs

    Broken Adventure Boards

    Problem When I check the adventure board in my vacation town, there are no or very few adventures Cause If you have already done lots of adventures there might be no others left. Try a different vacation town. Patch 1.18.9/2.13.6/3.9.6/4.6.6/5.4.4/6.1.11 seems to have mostly broken the adventure boards and the are no adventures showing up Things you can try Trying over and over seems to at least trigger the smaller quests. Try queuing up check for adventures a few times. Replace the adventure board Make sure that you choose adventure tab is actually set to the country you are in…

  • Bugs

    Can’t explore the tombs

    Problem My Sim is missing all interactions inside tombs. I can’t go anywhere or disable any traps or anything else Cause This bug is caused by some routine that fires at midnight Solution Going back home and go traveling again later, gets rid of the bug. Mod that solves the problem Overwatch corrects the issue

  • Bugs

    Missing Sims and empty UI when arriving in vacation town

    Problem This problem exists in two variations My Sim disappears when arriving at the vacation destination. The UI is loaded without the Sim and therefore it’s empty I travel with a group of people but when arriving at the vacation destination one or more of the Sims are missing. Cause This is not really a bug but more the symptom of one. There’s an error in the game that causes the game to not be able to load the interface properly, resulting in the empty UI. There are several issues in the game that can cause this. Sims that travel…