Broken Adventure Boards


When I check the adventure board in my vacation town, there are no or very few adventures


  • If you have already done lots of adventures there might be no others left. Try a different vacation town.
  • Patch 1.18.9/2.13.6/3.9.6/4.6.6/5.4.4/6.1.11 seems to have mostly broken the adventure boards and the are no adventures showing up

Things you can try

  • Trying over and over seems to at least trigger the smaller quests. Try queuing up check for adventures a few times.
  • Replace the adventure board
  • Make sure that you choose adventure tab is actually set to the country you are in
by Dacia from Yahoo Answers
Under your Sim’s opportunities tab there is a section for home opportunities, and adventures. Click on the home opportunities icon (looks like a house) then try the adventure board. I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I clicked between home and adventures a few times and clicked around the job/skill sections under the home icon and the board magically started working again.

Mod that help with the problem

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