Lags in China


My game is severely lagging in China. I can hardly play. It’s worse at night


Like Bridgeport, China has some severe routing problems. There are places where Sims get stuck a lot, causing these lags to happen.

More information about this can be found here

The most problematic lots are

  • Dragon Springs
  • Hot Springs


  • Reset your sims. This has the disadvantage that your active Sim will be reset too
  • Reset the problematic lots. You will need MasterController to reset a single lot
  • Replace the original EA .world files with fixed version (READ INSTRUCTIONS!)
  • Replace the door at Hot Springs that seems to be self-locking at night (see link above) with an arch. You can do that with the cheat enablelotlocking true.
  • Replace the settings for Dragon Springs and Hot Springs to No Visitors Allowed.
  • If you are using Twallan’s StoryProgression Mod, turn it off while on vacation (you can set that individually for every town). Some functionality will still be working but Sims aren’t getting pushed around which should reduce the lag.

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