Known Bugs with solutions or workarounds

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    Store Fountains and Hot Tub have no flowing water

    Problem Some of my store bought fountains and hot tubs have no flowing water. Same goes for the fountain that came with Island Paradise Cause The animations are missing Solution None Mod that help with the issue Fountain and Hot Tub Fixes by sydserious Asian Hot Tub Fix by kissing_toast

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    Meteors in normal future and Utopia

    Problem The meteors from Dystopia are also happening in Utopia and the normal future Cause Unclear but it seems that the meteors from Dystopia aren’t reset properly and then affect the normal future and Utopia as well. This issue can also be caused by incompatible mods. Solutions Use the time portal to reset the future. This will reset all changes you have done to the future. Because of this, save all your houses to the library before doing so. You will also loose all relationships Use the time almanac to restore the normal future before you change between Utopia and…

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    Sims in Slow Motion

    Problem My sims move in slow motion and the clock stops from time to time only to skip forward in time later. Cause An alarm that is firing over and over causes the whole game to come to a halt and prevents it from running smoothly. Identified Sources for those are: Tree of Prosperity: It does not matter if you actually use the tree in your savegame. It fires a faulty alarm over and over. Solution Uninstall the tree of prosperity. Affected save games should be back to normal afterwards. If you can’t find the tree in your launcher, re-download…

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    Toddler Object from the Store don’t work

    Problem The Playpen and the  Walker reset the toddler Cause The problem occurs if the toddler use the following interactions and already have maxed out their skills Play with Abacus (Playpen) Play with Mirror (Playpen) Play (Walker) Solution None Mods that help with the issue FIX for Walker and Playpen Reset Bug – V2 by Nona Mena

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    Time Almanac is no longer working

    Problem I can’t click on my time almanac anymore. Nothing happens. Cause This error happens as soon as the current record holder of a Statue gets deleted from the game or when your Sim becomes the record holder There’s several reasons why a Sim is no longer present in town. Sim moved away Sim was deleted by a mod (especially homeless and service sims.) Missing Sims Dead Sims are only an issue if the tomb stone was removed as well. Register V73 and lower as well as Overwatch V105 and lower will accelerate the issue. Don’t use Solution Switch active…

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    Play Online on console missing

    Problem Although my Sim has the required nerd level, the interaction play online on the video game console is not working Cause Unclear Solution Click on the TV instead of the console and it should work again

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    Chat with … for toddlers missing

    Problem Although I have tought my toddler how to talk, I can’t get the chat with option to show. Cause There’s an error in the code that prevents the option from showing. Solution None Mods that help with the issue Overwatch V106 or higher solves the issue.

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    Routing Issues in the Resort Hobart’s Hideout

    Problem The maintenance staff at Hobart’s Hideaway is stomping and complaining with no end. Cause The resort has multiple routing issues but the most annoying are the bug spawners which are located underground. Since the bugs then spawn underground too, it’s hard for the staff to get there and complain. Solution Move the spawners so that they are above ground (or delete them if you don’t want any roaches). Be aware that the spawners only seem to show if the roaches are active. Also if you can’t go to the required level, build a small pool and it should work.…

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    Sim resets when exploring an underwater cave

    Problem My Sim resets when he explores a underwater cave while scuba diving My Sim resets when he woohooing in a underwater cave Cause Unclear. Seems to have some connection to the tentacles showing. Solution In most cases you can just retry and it will work. The moodlet can be removed with a cheat so that you don’t have to wait for 2 hours If it still doesn’t work, try the following (although it seems this has to be done over and over) Go to Edit Town Press ctl-shift-c Type testingCheatsenabled true and hit ENTER Press ctl-shift-c Type enablelotlocking true…