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Issues and tipps for the Sims 3 Store and the Exchange

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    Store Premium content not working properly

    Problem The moodlet which should be applied to my Sim using the Premium content is missing The Premium content is missing all Interactions My Sim resets when interacting with the Premium Content. Cause There’s a file called ccmerged.pacakge inside the DCBackup folder which is installed/updated each time you install a premium content via Sims3Pack. This file contains important information about the Premium content. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. Unfortunately this file can also become corrupted over time. Conflict with a third-party Store Fix Maybe some trait or skill level prevents the content to work correctly. Solution Do not delete ccmerged.package If…

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    Can’t upload to the Exchange

    Problem I want to upload something to my Studio but I get a red crossed out circle as a result. My upload can’t be found on the exchange afterwards. The Launcher says my upload was successful but the I can’t find it in my Studio Suggestions Avoid special characters in your upload names (colon, semicolon, dots, dashes, ..) Even though you could not upload, the exchange thinks it is  so you can’t upload again with the same name. Re-export your lot and use a new name.Vermeide Namen mit Sonderzeichen (Komma, Strichpunkt, Punkt, Schrägstrich, etc). Try to re-install it to see…

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    Store Content cannot be downloaded

    Problem I click on Download in my browser but nothing happens I get the following error message: There was an error while downloading the content. Please check the log for more details. Cause & Solutions Make sure you use the newest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The browser needs to have an associated program (which should be Sims3LauncherW.exe) to download. Make sure that your game is updated to the latest patch version Add the following websites as an exception to your Firewall and Antivirus program There are a few IP addresses that can’t access…

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    Exchange Content cannot be installed

    Problem I want to install something I’ve downloaded from the exchange but I get an error I get the following error message: Installation failed: Please make sure your game has the latest Software Updates and try again. I do not get an error message but when I start the game, the items are not in the game. Cause This problem has several causes Your game is not updated The file name of the Sims3pack contains special characters like semicolons. You tried to install something that is corrupt. If you check those with Custard, you’ll see lots of red package files and…

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    Store Content cannot be installed

    Problem I’ve downloaded something from the Sims 3 Store but I can’t install them. I get the following error message: Installation failed: Please make sure your game has the latest Software Updates and try again. Cause This error seems to occur if the launcher can’t verify ownership of the item correctly. Check this thread: Exchange Content cannot be installed if you get this error on trying to install an exchange item Solution Re-download the item from your purchase history.

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    Install Sims3Packs

    Introduction Sims3Packs are installed through the launcher. You simply double click on a file to install it or – if downloaded from the exchange or the Sims 3 Store – you’ll find them on the launcher in Downloads where you choose install. Detailed instructions can be found here: Game Help:Installing TS3 Packs Downloading houses and Sims from the Exchange and other pages can have unwanted custom content attached to it. Those are Sims3Packs since package files do not spread that way. Because of this, you need not fear to get mods in your game through another file. Unfortunately it’s very easy…

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    Exchange – Please update your game

    My game is updated. Why does it say Update your Game ? When you download Sims and Houses from the exchange, the website shows you which Store-Items and which Add-Ons are necessary for the download. Sometimes it says please Update your Game. This notice is there for everyone as soon as the download needs a certain patch to install. Some Store content only works if you have a certain patch level. This message means nothing if you are patched to the newest patch level. The browser does not check your installed game version.

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    EA Worlds corrected

    Introduction Some of the EA worlds have really bad routing errors which leads to stuck Sims and lagging games. China, Islo Paradiso and Bridgeport are the most prominent. ellacharm3d from MTS has edited most of these worlds and fixed many errors. Explanations what was changed can be found here:  Game Help:World Routing Lags or in her blog: ellacharmed Installation Those edited worlds overwrite the original world files which come with the base game/add-ons. It’s very important to backup the original files before you overwrite them!! Make sure to read instructions in the place where you download since they may differ a…

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    Store Fountains and Hot Tub have no flowing water

    Problem Some of my store bought fountains and hot tubs have no flowing water. Same goes for the fountain that came with Island Paradise Cause The animations are missing Solution None Mod that help with the issue Fountain and Hot Tub Fixes by sydserious Asian Hot Tub Fix by kissing_toast

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    Toddler Object from the Store don’t work

    Problem The Playpen and the  Walker reset the toddler Cause The problem occurs if the toddler use the following interactions and already have maxed out their skills Play with Abacus (Playpen) Play with Mirror (Playpen) Play (Walker) Solution None Mods that help with the issue FIX for Walker and Playpen Reset Bug – V2 by Nona Mena