Family can’t be selected


  • After choosing a family, the tick just stays gray and I can’t start my game
  • After choosing a dorm for my Sim, the tick stays gray and I can’t start my game.


If you play logged in, something seems to block the process from continuing with the game


Don’t log into your game before starting the game (or log out in your game options), choose a family and play for a few minutes. If all works well you can then log back in in your options.

Each time before you place a family (or send them to University), you’ll need to log out and log back in afterwars.

Other Suggestions

  • Delete your cache files
  • Move your saves folder to the desktop. If that works, move each folder within the saves folder back until it stops working again
  • Reset your user files
  • Press the F5 key
  • Click on the …-Button
  • Save your game while the button is gray under a new name. Restart the game and you should then be able to play the new family
  • If the game hangs on trying to end the game, use the cheat QUIT and say yes when it asks you if you want to save.