Sims in Slow Motion


My sims move in slow motion and the clock stops from time to time only to skip forward in time later.


An alarm that is firing over and over causes the whole game to come to a halt and prevents it from running smoothly.

Identified Sources for those are:

  • Tree of Prosperity: It does not matter if you actually use the tree in your savegame. It fires a faulty alarm over and over.


  • Uninstall the tree of prosperity. Affected save games should be back to normal afterwards. If you can’t find the tree in your launcher, re-download it from the Sims 3 Store and install it again. Afterwards you should find it either on top or on the bottom. Uninstall from ther.


This bug seems to be contagious from save game to save game. If you have a game that is directly affected by the bug and you load another one through the main menu (without turning off the game entirely), the other game will also become affected by this and will be unplayable. Try restarting the game completely when you need to load another save.

Identification of faulty alarms

If uninstalling of the tree does not solve the issue for you, it’s possible that another alarm is at fault. To find the faulty alarm, you’ll need DebugEnabler┬áby Twallan.

  • Go to map view and click on the town hall icon
  • Choose NRaas –> Debug Enabler –> Options: Town hall –>┬áDump Alarms
  • This will generate a scriptError in your user files that can be opened with a text editor (use a proper editor since those are large files) and analyzed

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch V110 and higher and ErrorTrap V94 and higher have a fix for this. You can keep the tree if you use the mods. You will need both.
Cyron43, Sincerbox, babele44, Chain_Reaction and many others

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