• Bugs

    Lags in Islo Paradiso

    Problem The world that comes with Island Paradise, Islo Paradiso, is very laggy. I don’t have as many issues in any other world. Cause Islo Paradiso is probably the biggest world from EA and is very heavy on the performance. The world is big and on top of that, it has a whole routable ocean where every bit is accessible. On top of that the world has many routing issues and other problems that can lead to lags on the most high-end PCs. Workarounds Next to the general tips you can find here: Lags & Intermittent Freezes, there are a few…

  • Bugs

    Routing Issues in the Resort Hobart’s Hideout

    Problem The maintenance staff at Hobart’s Hideaway is stomping and complaining with no end. Cause The resort has multiple routing issues but the most annoying are the bug spawners which are located underground. Since the bugs then spawn underground too, it’s hard for the staff to get there and complain. Solution Move the spawners so that they are above ground (or delete them if you don’t want any roaches). Be aware that the spawners only seem to show if the roaches are active. Also if you can’t go to the required level, build a small pool and it should work.…

  • Bugs

    Sim resets when exploring an underwater cave

    Problem My Sim resets when he explores a underwater cave while scuba diving My Sim resets when he woohooing in a underwater cave Cause Unclear. Seems to have some connection to the tentacles showing. Solution In most cases you can just retry and it will work. The moodlet can be removed with a cheat so that you don’t have to wait for 2 hours If it still doesn’t work, try the following (although it seems this has to be done over and over) Go to Edit Town Press ctl-shift-c Type testingCheatsenabled true and hit ENTER Press ctl-shift-c Type enablelotlocking true…

  • Fixed

    Game freezes when checking into resort

    Problem Whenever my Sim wants to check into a resort, the game freezes and all I can do is to kill the game. Cause This problem is caused by a self-employed Sim (gardener, painter, angler, ..) The diving career is affected by this too If you check in with another Sim that also has a self-employed career, the freeze will also happen. Solution Don’t check in into a resort with those Sims or change their career. They can be unemployed. Mods that help with the issue Overwatch V101 and higher has a fix for the issue

  • News

    In Preparation for Island Paradise

    Island Paradise is almost upon us, so time for me to make this post. I do recommend to backup all your stuff, most importantly the DCCache folder and the Saves folder. Most of the things stated here: What to do before patching do still apply. Installing the EP will reset all your Sims so for example not being in a vacation town orat the time, reduces the changes of game corruption. If you want to be on the safe side, also remove your mods/custom content. Start a new game after the installation. Get a feeling for what’s new. If you want to continue…

  • Patch

    Patch 1.55

    Patch is now available. Incremental seem to work this time round. Steam patches are available now too. Please take the necessary precautions before patching: What to do before patching The GraphicsRules.sgr file has been updated. If you manually changed this file, you need to re-do your changes. Check if they are necessary first. Mods Information on Twallan’s mods are here: State of the Mod.  Many files have been altered so expect most mods to be busted. Check with your creators before putting anything back. State of the Mods list from other creators Bluegenjutsu Chicken0895 nonamena Shimrod TFM MTS Velocitygrass –> All…