Patch 1.55

Patch is now available. Incremental seem to work this time round.

Steam patches are available now too.

Please take the necessary precautions before patching: What to do before patching

The GraphicsRules.sgr file has been updated. If you manually changed this file, you need to re-do your changes. Check if they are necessary first.

Patch Notes


Information on Twallan’s mods are here: State of the Mod. 

Many files have been altered so expect most mods to be busted. Check with your creators before putting anything back.

State of the Mods list from other creators


  • Velocitygrass –> All Updated
  • Buzzler –> Has not been active in a while. Some mods might still work but I do not recommend using them.
GameplayData.package Changes

Patch Downloader

Is updated

Patch Links

Below you find the current patch links. These links are official EA links and the files are hosted on EA Servers. They are NOT third party. It’s the same that get offered through the launcher.

Those patches are NOT for the Steam Version

Super Patch

Super Patch (All Regions), 1.3 GB

Incremental from 1.50

Make sure to download the right region. The last two digits of your base game version will tell you, your region.


Game Help:TS3 Patching/Patch Download OSX

New features

Read all about them @SimsVIP: Sims 3 Patch 1.55: New Features & Options

The patch adds new tmp files to the DCCache folder. I think those are necessary for the fixed launcher cap issue but I think they also cause issues (black screen, long loading issues). I haven’t found a way to get rid of them completely.


Seems there’s already an update but it has a lower version number then before. Don’t know the details.


I’m collecting bugs again. Thread is here: Island Paradise Bug Thread

New issues

Fixed Stuff not listed

  • According to Twallan, EA has added a stuck Sims check on their own.
  • Skilling modifier in athletic center